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Filtermist oil mist collectors are used by many of the world's leading manufacturers to effectively remove oil and coolant mist, fume and steam from the air in industrial workshops. The company's Japa... [More]
Shanghai Huaxun Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd. manufactures a range of components used in steering assemblies. Established in 2001, the company now employs 81 people and benefits from a number of machi... [More]
Filtermist oil mist collectors are trusted by many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers to protect people from exposure to oil and coolant mist. Manufacturing processes found in the... [More]
Filtermist’s distributor in New Zealand Piquet Machinery has reported another satisfied customer following the installation of an S Fusion neat oil mist collector on a new Doosan Puma ST35GS sli... [More]
Kyung Chang Industrial Corp, a global manufacturer of automotive systems and components, has replaced all of the filters used on its turning and parts washing machines with Filtermist units following ... [More]


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