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There is much documented evidence linking long-term lung conditions and respiratory infections with smoking. But, with more non-smokers than ever before being diagnosed with such conditions, a renewed... [More]
Filtermist International's parent company, Absolent Group, has registered a new company in India. Absolent Filtermist India Pvt Ltd will serve as a basis for sales of all Absolent and Filtermist prod... [More]
Employers across the manufacturing and engineering industries are continuing to face a number of new challenges in the workplace due to changing employee demographics.  With around 10,000 baby bo... [More]
We’ve previously highlighted how unclean air is a natural by-product of manufacturing and engineering operations, with individual processes resulting in differing types of air pollution – ... [More]
Manufacturing and engineering industries have traditionally had a reputation for being inherently ‘dirty’, primarily due to the fact that pollutants are a natural by-product of the process... [More]


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