Filtermist ‘stars’ in short film for leading machine tool manufacturer

Filtermist Sales Manager, Stuart Plimmer, was recently invited by industry leading CNC sliding head lathe manufacturer, Star GB, to take part in a short film explaining why Filtermist units play a vital role in manufacturing applications around the world.

Star GB has produced a series of short films which include case studies with customers, as well as partner presentations outlining the products and services available from companies that it works closely with.

In the Filtermist film, Stuart explains what oil mist is and how it’s made, and provides information on the size of microns which can affect human health. He then goes on to discuss the importance of removing oil mist from the workplace and how Filtermist centrifugal extraction units help to protect factory workers from a number of hazards that can result from a build-up of oil mist in the machine tool shop.

Oil mist can not only lead to respiratory diseases, it can also present a slip hazard and can result in damage to electrical equipment as well as posing a fire risk. 

Filtermist units prevent these risks by effectively collecting and removing oil mist from the workplace and replacing it with clean air, as Stuart explains: “Filtermist units collect the oil mist from the machine tool at source – clean oil is returned to the machine and clean air is returned to the workplace. The air coming out of the Filtermist unit is actually cleaner than the air outside!”

As well as protecting workers’ health, this process can also save businesses money by recycling expensive coolant.

Discussing the video, Stuart said, “I was delighted to be invited by Star GB to feature in one of its partner presentations – Filtermist works with some of the world’s leading OEMs who specify our units as an integral component of their machine tools.

“We’ve worked with CNC head lathes specialist, Star GB, for a number of years now – leading companies like Star understand the importance of effective oil mist removal and the film is a great way of spreading the message further afield!”

Watch the film in full by visiting Filtermist’s YouTube channel.