New global website launched to reflect world-leading position

You may have already noticed as you're visiting this news page that UK based oil mist removal specialist, Filtermist, has launched a brand new global website,

Filtermist units are used to remove hazardous oil mist generated by a number of manufacturing processes in industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, medical and food processing. First established in 1969, Filtermist sells its UK manufactured units into more than 60 countries worldwide, through a network of experienced international distributors.

The new website has been designed to accurately reflect Filtermist’s position as a global leader in its field and provide customers around the world with all of the information they might need about Filtermist’s products and services in their own country.

The company, now owned by Swedish Absolent Invest AB, has also introduced a new global domain strategy which includes country specific URLs to help boost search engine performance in each territory.

Comprehensive country specific sites have been launched in a number of nations including China, Japan, France, Germany and Spain - each containing translated product and application information, as well as details of global exhibition attendance relevant to each country.

Filtermist’s international presence is continuing to grow at an extremely fast pace and the need for a professional all-encompassing website became increasingly apparent, as Managing Director, James Stansfield explains, “We are competing for business on the world stage and working with a number of multi-national manufacturers. The internet plays a huge role in our global marketing activities so we needed a robust website that would work across the world.”  

He continues, “The .com website is designed to act as a central hub that links all of the country specific and distributor sites together and contains all of our global news, as well as details of international events where Filtermist will be in attendance.

“Our new translated country specific sites contain a wealth of product information, images and case studies to make it as easy as possible for our customers to access the information that’s relevant to them. We are very pleased with our new resources and hope our customers around the world will find the information they contain extremely valuable.”

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