Air quality on global agenda

With air quality the subject of extensive recent global media attention, Filtermist International MD, James Stansfield has released a timely whitepaper on the important role effective industrial extraction can play on air quality around the World.

The paper examines recent research into global air quality and highlights key regions, including China and the US, where new legislation has been introduced to try and address this issue.

It carries on to inform readers about how using centrifugal extraction systems to remove airborne particles at source can make a significant difference to workers’ health, workplace safety and external air quality.  

James says, “Whilst the UK’s current problem is caused by prevailing weather conditions, there are always a number of factors involved in pollution. By making sure the air is clean in manufacturing workplaces, and dealing with the problem at its source rather than allowing harmful toxins to escape into the atmosphere, industrial companies can make sure they are playing an active role in reducing pollution.”

Power generation is also a significant cause of pollution – the white paper examines the role that energy efficient motors can play in reducing consumption, bringing additional environmental benefits.

Download ‘Air quality on the global agenda – the importance of effective industrial extraction’ here:

030414 Air quality on global agenda - the importance of effective industrial extraction - FINAL.pdf (260.66 kb)