F Monitor for oil mist filters now in stock

Filtermist is pleased to announce that its new ‘F Monitor’ is now in stock and available to order.

F Monitor is Filtermist’s new dual function monitoring system that advises machine operators when the oil mist filter needs servicing, as well as warning them of any potential blockages which may reduce the effectiveness of the system.

The monitor measures the airflow inside the oil mist collector unit and alerts the operator to any reductions in airflow which could be caused by blockages in the ducting or afterfilter, and the built-in timer indicates when the collector unit is approaching 1000 or 2000 hours of use so a service can be arranged, as per Filtermist’s recommended service interval.
The equipment uses a globally recognised traffic-light coloured warning system - when everything is working to optimum levels the monitor displays a green light. An amber warning light comes on to indicate that the operator needs to arrange a service and the monitor lights turn red if urgent inspection is required.

Measuring just 100mm x 113mm, with a depth of 41mm, currently available as a stand-alone accessory, F Monitor can be retro-fitted to the complete Filtermist oil mist filter range using the customised bracket.

Please contact your local distributor to find out more.