Industrial oil mist filters provide benefits to leading Korean automotive manufacturer

Kyung Chang Industrial Corp, a global manufacturer of automotive systems and components, has replaced all of the filters used on its turning and parts washing machines with Filtermist units following successful demonstrations from local distributor, Mato Korea.

Founded in 1961, Kyung Chang manufactures quality cables, levers, pedals and transmission parts for a number of leading automotive companies. The production process includes the use of more than 200 turning and parts washing machines producing high volumes of both oil mist and water vapour which can be transmitted into the workplace and external environment if not properly managed.

To combat this issue, 160 FX5000 units have been installed at the company’s two plants in Daegu following a direct approach from Mato Korea.  

Inseop Chon, Mato Korea’s President, elaborates, “We have met Donghwa Lee, Senior Manager of Kyung Chang Industrial Corp, at a number of industry events and arranged a visit to the manufacturing facility. On arrival we noticed Kyung Chung used media filters which were not functioning very well – it was clear to see that oil mist and water vapour were escaping from the machine tools into the atmosphere.

“When we explained how Filtermist’s centrifugal action compared to traditional filter media in terms of performance, effective extraction of pollutants and expected life-span of the product, Donghwa Lee agreed to the installation of  FX5000 units for all turning and washing machines located at both plants.”

Donghwa Lee confirms, “Following the installation of Filtermist units we have been able to keep both plants very clean and no longer see any oil mist or water vapour as a result of the manufacturing process. This has improved production operations and health and safety standards for all employees, who are now understandably much happier in their working environment.”

Mato Korea has represented Filtermist in South Korea for almost 10 years supplying oil mist collectors to a wide range of manufacturers in sectors ranging from aerospace and automotive, to medical devices.

Filtermist Managing Director, James Stansfield, says, “An increasing awareness of the importance of protecting both workers and industrial workplaces from the hazards posed by oil mist and water vapour in the atmosphere, has resulted in an increase in opportunities for a number of our distributors in markets as far afield as China and South Korea.

“The recent installation overseen by Mato Korea is an excellent example of this growing demand for extraction that works – the client had tried all sorts of oil mist extraction previously without success, so is very pleased that he has finally found a system that he can rely on.”

Filtermist units are renowned around the World for effectively removing oil mist from workplace air, but the stainless steel version is also highly efficient at removing water vapour - which is why Filtermist is specified as standard by some of the world’s leading parts washing machine manufacturers including Turbex and MecWash.

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