Filtermist oil mist collectors recommended

Tarvin Precision, a leading UK supplier of precision components and assemblies, has highly recommended the solutions and support provided by oil mist collection specialist, Filtermist.

Tarvin Precision has grown significantly in recent years and is in the position to be able to expand further by purchasing new equipment to increase capacity. Although this brings significant benefits to the company, it can also produce unwanted hazardous by-products, such as oil mist, that can cause health problems and preventable downtime in production. It was this oil mist issue that Tarvin Precision wanted to eradicate from its facility.

David Cooper, Managing Director at Tarvin Precision commented, “Due to our recent expansion and increased workload, the oil mist escaping from our CNC machines was becoming an issue. We wanted to solve the problem and ensure that the workforce were protected from harmful substances and that they were able to work in a clean and safe environment.”

After visiting the Filtermist stand during the MACH 2014 exhibition, Tarvin Precision was confident that the Filtermist centrifugal oil mist collector was a ‘superior product’ and the best solution to its extraction issues.

Tarvin Precision noticed a significant improvement in smell and residue within the workshop as soon as Filtermist’s experienced engineers had installed the oil mist collectors to the company’s CNC machines. David continues, “The transformation in air quality received a huge positive reception from employees who noticed the improvement immediately - making working on the machines a much more pleasant experience.

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Filtermist’s oil mist extraction solutions to others.”

By choosing Filtermist, Tarvin Precision also benefitted from the full after-sales support that the UK-based manufacturer provides to all of its customers.

Ryan Yates, Filtermist UK Northern Sales Manager, comments, “Aftersales support is an important, often crucial, element for many companies when deciding which extraction solution will meet its needs most effectively. The after-sales element in the customer journey is important in providing peace of mind by having access to technical assistance and experienced engineers.

“Filtermist prides itself on its customer centric approach; we constantly strive to exceed customer expectations and provide clean and healthy environments that protect employees from harmful airborne oil mist particles.”

Having issues with oil mist in your workshop? Find out how Filtermist can help your company deal with oil mist removal by contacting your local distributor.