New Filtermist film will be on show at EMO

UK based Filtermist will be launching a brand new CGI film on its stand at EMO 2015 to showcase how its oil mist collectors remove hazardous airborne particles generated in a wide range of manufacturing applications.

The film has been produced to ensure customers around the world can easily find out more about Filtermist whenever they need information, and will be hosted on the company’s YouTube channel as well as this website to allow 24/7 global access.

Managing Director, James Stansfield, says, “The film has been produced for end users to find out more about Filtermist, and for our global distributors to use as a tool to help explain why effective oil mist extraction is so important.

“The global nature of our business means we are very focused on ensuring all of our customers can access as much information as possible whenever needed. The internet has made this job significantly easier and is ideal for sharing useful content with customers all around the world.” 

The film begins by explaining why it is important to remove oil mist from the air, and outlines the variety of applications that generate hazardous airborne substances, as well as health hazards and other risks associated with a build-up of oil mist in the workplace.

Filtermist’s expertise and centrifugal technology is then introduced and the film highlights additional manufacturing operations where the compact extraction units are used.

James continues, “Awareness of the need for effective oil mist removal in industrial workshops is continuing to increase around the world, but we are also keen to show the benefits of using Filtermist units to remove a number of other airborne particles which can potentially be hazardous to worker’s health and production environments.

“For example, our units are used by some of the World’s leading parts washing machine manufacturers which include stainless steel Filtermist units as part of their standard machine specification.”

Find out more by visiting stand D18, hall 9 at EMO 2015 or go to Filtermist’s YouTube channel to watch the full film.