Dedicated neat oil filter now available from Filtermist

UK based oil mist collection specialist, Filtermist, has launched a brand new submicron filter to the global industrial filtration market.

The new filter is designed specifically to cope with the high volumes of oil mist generated in manufacturing operations that use neat oil, including those involving high pressure.

If oil mist enters the workplace atmosphere it can seriously affect workers’ health if they breathe it in to their lungs or slip on an oily floor – it is also a fire hazard and can damage sensitive electrical equipment.

It can be notoriously difficult to effectively remove oil mist generated in neat oil applications from workplace air because of the large amounts of submicron particles involved, especially when delivered at high pressures.

Extensive independent tests on a Star SR20R sliding head lathe showed that the airflow using the Filtermist submicron filter was only reduced by 14% after 3500 hours of continuous use – meaning on average, a submicron filter on such an application would last for nearly two years when used for one shift, five days a week, and almost a year when used continuously during a double-shift.

The new Filtermist submicron filter is extremely price competitive, offering manufacturers a cost-effective way of removing oil mist generated in neat oil applications.

This latest addition to Filtermist’s product range has been in development for a number of years, as the company’s Managing Director, James Stansfield, explains, “Filtermist has almost 50 years’ experience in the field of oil mist collection - issues around coping with large volumes of mist caused in neat oil applications have been high on our agenda for a while now. Modern high-pressure coolant systems atomise the neat oil into thousands of submicron particles, which bypass less efficient extraction systems or quickly block up traditional filter cartridges.”

The submicron filter is made from hi-tech synthetic materials connected to a patented venturi suction system, created by a specially developed connection to the Filtermist unit’s drain tube. The system ensures that a large percentage of the oil filtered out by the paper media is drained back to the machine, thus increasing the lifetime of the filter.

James continues, “Combining the proven efficiency of the Filtermist centrifugal system with modern synthetic fibre technologies, we are confident that this latest product will be well-received by a wide range of our customers.”

The new filter is currently available to fit the S400 and S800 units in Filtermist’s compact S Series range, designed specifically for smaller ‘swiss style’ sliding head lathes. It can also be purchased as part of a cost-effective new ‘neat oil solutions’ kit that includes the oil mist collector and a submicron filter.

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