Filtermist oil mist collector is first specification for DKW Precision Engineering

Long-standing Filtermist UK customer DKW Precision Engineering recently told MTD CNC why a Filtermist oil mist collector is the first thing it specifies when buying a new machine tool. 

MTD visited DKW’s Portsmouth production facility and spoke to Managing Director Nick Iacobucci about why DKW uses Filtermist and Absolent oil mist filters. 

“We want an environmentally friendly working environment throughout,” said Nick. “Not only for our staff to have a healthy working environment, but also to make it more efficient as far as machine tools are concerned.

“Filtermist has been very good in advising us of what we need, the units are reasonably priced and more important than everything else, they have actually done exactly what they said they would do.”

Founded in 1969, the same year that Filtermist was established, DKW specialises in manufacturing precision engineered components and assemblies used in the Aerospace, Defence, Environmental, Nuclear, Medical and Petro Chemical Industries.

When questioned about how increased productivity is linked with a happy and healthy working environment Nick replied, “There’s no question about it whatsoever. We have noticed that various things that we’ve done within the company, including the Filtermist systems….. we don’t have a high absentee record because of not feeling well, coughing and spluttering. The atmosphere is good to work in whether it’s internal or outside.”

MTD’s Joe Reynolds asked Nick if DKW would be buying a Filtermist unit to go with the next machine tool it buys and he stated, “Without question – it’s the first thing we specify.”

Filtermist’s Managing Director, James Stansfield, comments, “It’s always encouraging to hear from satisfied customers. Our whole ethos is to help protect people through cleaner, safer, more productive workshops. As a business, we have long-since realised the positive impact effective oil mist removal can have on productivity as well as employee health and facility safety, but this aspect is not always recognised.

“As Nick says, a happy and healthy workforce is a productive workforce.”

Watch MTD CNC’s interview with Nick Iacobucci in full by visiting our YouTube channel