Filtermist’s recycling capability is icing on the cake for Chinese food machinery manufacturer

Jiade (Zhongshan) Sinuomei Food Machinery Co., LTD produces a wide range of food production machinery at its factory in Guangdong, China.

It has recently signed an OEM contract with Filtermist’s Chinese distributor, En-Creative, following successful trials of the stainless steel FX4002 for its cake production line. This machinery sprays vegetable oil onto pastries at different rates depending on the specific requirements for individual product lines. 

Including a Filtermist unit ensures production operatives are not exposed to vegetable oil in the air and enables customers to recycle significant amounts of raw material. 

Fujian Dingfeng Food Co., ltd was one of the first customers to invest in a new production line from Jiade with a Filtermist unit and has been using it successfully since August 2015. 

This customer uses imported high-grade sustainable palm oil as a raw material. Its previous production line created a significant volume of oil mist and had a high volume of wastage. Using the new production line enables the customer to recycle 500g of palm oil every 24 hours, meaning that as well as cleaning the air inside the production facility, it is also reducing operating costs. 

All Filtermist oil mist collectors use centrifugal impaction to coalesce oil mist particles. Clean air is then returned to the workplace, and filtered oil can be collected for disposal or re-use depending on the customer’s requirements.

Filtermist’s stainless steel units are ideal for food production applications, but because this particular customer wanted to recycle the palm oil which is collected, a food grade sanitising agent is applied to the filter material and return pipe before it is used, as En-Creative’s Managing Director Hanming Li explains: 

“The stainless steel drum and casing will not corrode so is safe to use in food production, but because the oil is in contact with the filter pads and return pipe, Jiade needed to make sure that all parts of the Filtermist are safe for their customers to use and adhere to food production regulations.

“Jiade has reported that its customer is very satisfied with the filtration equipment in its new production line – particularly because it is cutting costs,” continues Hanming, “We are working closely with Jiade to install Filtermist oil mist filters on all of its production lines which include oil spraying functionality.”


More details about using Filtermist oil mist collectors in food processing applications can be found on our Food Processing page.

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