Filtermist’s Spanish distributor strengthens partnership with Nissan

Filtermist oil mist collectors are trusted by many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers to protect people from exposure to oil and coolant mist.

Manufacturing processes found in the automotive industry such as milling, turning, grinding, EDM / spark erosion and parts washing, can all result in airborne particulate which is hazardous to health, as well as posing a fire and slip risk, if left in the atmosphere.

Filtermist’s Spanish distributor Disheco S.A. has worked with Nissan Motor Iberica SA (NMISA) at its Barcelona Powertrain plant for a number of years to ensure oil mist is effectively removed from the air. 

The 21000m² plant manufactures gearboxes, gears, reducers, axles and other components for models including the Navara, Pulsar and the LEAF – Nissan’s latest family car which is 100% powered by electricity. The plant currently uses around 100 Filtermist units including 19 new FX6002s which were installed by Disheco last year as part of an extensive development programme.

A NMISA spokesperson comments, “As a responsible employer, Nissan is committed to providing safe working environments for all of its employees. The health of our factory operatives is just as important as office based workers; by installing Filtermist oil mist collectors and undertaking regular routine maintenance, we are ensuring that the 300 people employed at this plant can breathe clean air.” 

As well as specifying and installing the units, Disheco also undertakes routine maintenance to ensure the filters are always operating as intended. 

Disheco’s Technical Industrial Engineer, Jordi Puig, says, “Filtermist units are built to last. This can be seen in Nissan’s Powertrain plant as some of the Filtermists were originally fitted more than 20 years ago.

“However, it is well recognised that all machinery with moving parts should be regularly serviced to make sure it is working properly. We clean all of the Filtermists and check for signs of wear and tear on a regular basis. And because our visits are planned, it means there is no unscheduled downtime at the plant due to issues with oil mist extraction.” 

The compact nature and multiple mounting options of Filtermist units mean they are an ideal choice for facilities where floor space is at a premium. Some of the units installed at Nissan’s Barcelona plant are mounted on floor stands located next to the machine tools (with some units drawing contaminated air from multiple extraction points), whilst others are direct mounted to the machine.

Alison Green, one of Filtermist’s International Distributor Managers, recently visited the Barcelona plant with Disheco. “The sheer volume of Filtermist units in operation at the plant is extremely impressive,” she comments. “We are delighted that Nissan has worked with Disheco for so long, and continues to choose Filtermist for all of its oil mist extraction requirements.

“Nissan is a prime example of an OEM that uses Filtermist units in a number of sites around the World. Nissan UK has Filtermists installed at its manufacturing plant in Sunderland, and Filtermist distributors in China and India both have established relationships with Nissan operations in their territories.

“Automotive plants are a significant long-term investment for all OEMS - it therefore makes sense to replicate processes which have been proven to work elsewhere. Filtermist offers local support in more than 60 countries worldwide, including all of the world’s top 30 vehicle producing nations. Multi-national automotive manufacturers can be confident that no matter where their plant is located, Filtermist can ensure its employees can breathe clean air.”

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