Filtermist to focus EMO attention on centrifugal filtration technology

UK based oil mist removal expert Filtermist International Ltd will be using its stand (F60, Hall 6) at EMO 2017 to raise awareness of the benefits of centrifugal technology, as well as the capabilities of its latest product - dedicated neat oil mist collector S Fusion.

Established in 1969, Filtermist oil mist collectors are trusted by many of the world’s leading manufacturers to effectively remove oil and coolant mist, fume and steam from the air in industrial workshops.

Director of Sales Stuart Plimmer elaborates, “Filtermist units are used in more than 60 countries worldwide. The business has grown exponentially over the last few years as more and more manufacturers realise the importance of effective oil mist extraction.

“Despite this global success, there is still a certain amount of misinformation in some markets about the capabilities of centrifugal filters compared with other methods including static media and electrostatic filters. Each type of filter has its own strengths depending on the nature of individual applications.

“We are keen to ensure that customers have all of the information they need to be able to make an informed decision on which type of filtration is best for their specific requirements.”

The efficiency of Filtermist units is based on the principles of centrifugal force. A perforated drum with specially designed vanes rotates at high speed, oil mist is drawn into the unit and impacts on the vanes at high-velocity. Special drum pads filter out stray solid particles and centrifugal force pushes oil to the unit’s outer case where it drains back to the machine for re-use or collection. Clean air is then returned to the workshop through the top of the unit.

“High efficiency afterfilters can also be fitted to the top of the unit in applications that generate smoke or smaller particulate,” continues Stuart. “Filtermist offers two different types of afterfilter with the highest grade offering up to 99.95% filtration efficiency - which more than meets global legislation that governs air quality in industrial workplaces.”

S Fusion

S Fusion is designed specifically for smaller ‘swiss style’ sliding head lathes that generate mist containing high volumes of submicron particles. It combines a hi-tech synthetic self-draining media filter with Filtermist’s proven centrifugal technology - offering a cost-effective alternative to other products in the high-pressure coolant market.

“Modern machining processes have seen machine tool manufacturers increase speeds and feeds to improve efficiencies, meaning the surrounding technology has also had to adapt,” explains Stuart. “The introduction of high pressure coolant, often using neat oil, can result in a high-density mist containing large volumes of submicron particulate which either blocks or passes through many traditional oil mist filters.

“S Fusion has proved effective for a wide range of customers and we are looking forward to sharing examples of successful installations from around the world with EMO visitors.”

As a key German show, EMO is a regular fixture in Filtermist’s marketing plans. Germany offers substantial potential for Filtermist which employs a dedicated German sales team headed up by Business Development Manager for Germany, Matthew Pearson.

Matthew comments, “Filtermist has exported to Germany for over 30 years. Sales increased by more than 75% between 2011 and 2016, and there is still significant potential business in terms of both product sales and aftersales support.

“We will also be highlighting the importance of routine maintenance for all types of air filtration and extraction equipment with support from fellow Absolent Group company Bristol T&G GmbH, one of Filtermist’s distributors in Germany.”

Please visit Filtermist on Stand F60 in Hall 6 at EMO, taking place in Hannover from 18th-23rd September.