S Fusion removes submicron oil mist particles from Stama machines for Shanghai manufacturer

Shanghai Huaxun Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd. manufactures a range of components used in steering assemblies. Established in 2001, the company now employs 81 people and benefits from a number of machine tools including two Stama machines that use neat oil at pressures of around 50bar.

The company recognises the importance of protecting its employees from exposure to oil mist particles and uses oil mist filters to ensure the air in its workshop is clean. However, it was having difficulties capturing the oil mist generated by the Stama MC526 twin machines due to the large volumes of submicron oil mist particles created by using neat oil at high pressures.

Huaxun contacted Carl Yu, Filtermist’s Business Development Manager in China, to see if he could suggest a solution to their problem. Carl recommended trying S Fusion because it is specifically designed to effectively capture large volumes of submicron particles generated in neat oil applications.

Carl says, “The customer reported that the oil mist in the high-pressure application couldn't be collected and just came out directly from the top of the previous oil mist collector due to high pressure and the micro size oil mist particles.

“Our Chinese distributor, En-Creative Technology, supplied two S Fusions incorporating S800 Filtermist units to Huaxun. The filter material has prevented any problems from happening and the customer has reported that the S Fusion units have been working well.”

Increased speeds and feeds introduced by machine tool manufacturers to improve efficiencies have meant that the surrounding technologies have had to adapt. The hi-tech synthetic filter media in Fusion filters was specifically developed to capture submicron particles following market demand for a solution to this growing problem.

Filtermist Managing Director, James Stansfield, recently visited the Huaxun plant during a visit to China. “It was very satisfying to see how well S Fusion is working for this particular customer,” said James. “It was designed specifically to offer a compact, cost-effective alternative to other products in the high-pressure neat oil filtration market and this is exactly what it has done for Huaxun.”

Please contact your local Filtermist distributor if you have an issue with effectively removing submicron oil mist particles from workshop air.