Director of Sales appointed to support growth in China

Filtermist (Shanghai) Ltd, the Chinese subsidiary of UK based oil mist collectors manufacturer Filtermist International, is pleased to report that it has appointed a dedicated Director of Sales for China.

British national David Westwood has lived in China for the past 11 years and has extensive experience of sales team leadership having previously worked for other British businesses in China building brands, teams, networks and business, and promoting British culture.

Filtermist has sold into China through long-standing Beijing based distributor, En-Creative, since 1994 and has taken a number of steps to increase its presence in this huge market in recent years.  

Managing Director James Stansfield comments, “We appointed Shanghai-based Carl Yu as a Business Development Manager in 2014 and have recently employed a Sales Engineer in Guangzhou to support business in the industrialised regions of Southern China.

“Together they have been promoting products through local exhibitions, supported by digital marketing including local social media and Chinese language websites, as well as growing the distributor network around China. We established Filtermist (Shanghai) Ltd earlier this year along with a warehouse to hold stocks of product which enables us to provide a quick and efficient local delivery service.

“David’s appointment marks the next step in our plans to increase Filtermist’s presence in China. He will be actively seeking additional distributors, as well as leading our current sales team to ensure all opportunities are maximised.”

China’s huge manufacturing economy offers significant potential for Filtermist as David explains, “External air pollution is high on the agenda for the Central People’s Government which has introduced a number of measures to try and reduce levels of contamination - internal air quality is starting to receive the same level of attention.

“Indeed, President Xi Jinping touched on this in his speech at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October 2017, saying ‘We must pursue a model of sustainable development featuring increased production, higher living standards, and healthy ecosystems. We must continue the Beautiful China initiative to create good working and living environments for our people and play our part in ensuring global ecological security.’

“Whilst there is currently no official regulation on the amount of oil mist particles that are acceptable in workplace air, many manufacturers recognise the importance of protecting their workers from exposure to harmful airborne contaminants by investing in quality oil mist extraction.

“Filtermist is in a prime position to further expand in this marketplace, where it will be taking advantage of its ‘Made in UK’ provenance and expertise.”

David recently spent two weeks in the UK undertaking extensive product training and visiting customers’ premises to see Filtermist units in action, as well as seeing the products manufactured in the company’s factory in Telford, Shropshire. He is now back in China where he is based at Filtermist’s Shanghai office - he can be contacted by emailing

Image caption (l-r)
James Stansfield welcomes David Westwood to Filtermist’s UK headquarters