Group Operations Director completes MSc in Engineering Business Management

Filtermist is delighted to announce that Group Operations Director Lee Waterhouse has successfully completed a Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering Business Management. Lee graduated earlier this week following almost five years of study at the WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group), part of the University of Warwick.

His course included modules on a wide range of topics, whilst his dissertation entitled ‘How can a UK SME become more competitive in the Global Supply Chain?’ involved interviews with senior supply chain management from Airbus and United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as well as the Global Operational Governance team of Lockheed Martin.

“My project discovered an opportunity for UK SMEs to utilise their technical knowledge and turn this into a commodity with which to create a new revenue stream for their business,” explains Lee.

“I really enjoyed my time at WMG. Studying, commuting to work and having a young family was not easy, but something I am very proud to have achieved. I would recommend further education to everyone - stimulating the mind beyond daily tasks and routines opens your mind up to all possibilities whether they be on a professional or personal level.”

Lee was appointed as Group Operations Director at Filtermist International following a management restructure in March 2018. Recent acquisitions including Multi-Fan Systems and Dustcheck Ltd resulted in the need for a more cohesive approach across all aspects of Filtermist’s operations. Lee began his career as a CNC machinist and then held various engineering positions, before being appointed as an Operations Director in 2016. This experience, coupled with his enthusiasm for engineering, made him the ideal candidate for the role.

“Filtermist has extremely high ambitions and Lee’s experience and knowledge is already proving invaluable to the company as a whole,” comments Filtermist Group CEO James Stansfield. “Professional development is something we place great value on at Filtermist – we are growing as an organisation and we need to ensure we have the skills in place to enable us to meet our objectives. We have a diverse in-house training programme and we also encourage employees to undertake external courses whenever appropriate. Completing an MSc whilst working and looking after a young family is no mean feat, so well done Lee!”

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