UK made oil mist filters to be showcased in Qingdao

UK oil mist collectors manufacturer and specialist, Filtermist, will be exhibiting its range of compact, quiet and efficient oil mist filters on stand S4馆 A108展位 at the Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition from 2nd-6th August.

Filtermist has exported its UK manufactured products to China for more than 20 years, but this will be the first time the company has taken part in this particular exhibition.

David Westwood, Director of Sales at Filtermist (Shanghai) Ltd, comments, “Customers in China have been able to buy our oil mist filters from Beijing based En-Creative since 1994, but as the country’s manufacturing industry is so extensive we have recently made a number of changes to the way we will operate in China in the future.

“Filtermist (Shanghai) Ltd was established last year to enable us to deal directly with Chinese customers. The Qingdao show offers an excellent opportunity for us to meet with some of the regions prominent manufacturers to help raise awareness of the importance of effective oil mist removal and Filtermist’s capabilities.”

Manufactured in the UK
Filtermist oil mist collectors have been manufactured in the UK since the company was first established in 1969. A team of highly skilled metalworkers ensure that each and every Filtermist unit is crafted to the highest possible standards before being shipped to customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Manufacturing Manager, Brian Lowe, has been making Filtermist units for more than 33 years. He explains some of the processes involved in making a Filtermist oil mist filter and the pride felt when the manufacturing team sees their units in operation around the world:

“Each unit starts life as two mild steel (or stainless steel) blanks – one plain sheet and one which has been perforated before we receive it. Each blank is then formed into a cylinder and the seam is welded - we have recently invested in a welding robot for this operation to free up our time.

“The outer casings and lids are shaped using a traditional metalworking technique known as ‘metal spinning’. This works on the same principle as throwing a ceramic bowl – the metal is spun at speed on a lathe and various hand tools are used to force the metal into the desired shape.

“Metal spinning is becoming quite a rare skill these days - we all learnt as apprentices back in the 1980s and the newer members of our team have learnt on the job.”

This short film shows Filtermist metal worker Mark Dixon in action spinning a reducer.

Brian continues,” As well as spinning and welding, we also use processes including stamping, riveting folding and linishing.

“Once the inner drum, outer casing and lid is ready, specially shaped vanes are welded inside to assist the coalescing process when the oil mist enters the filter.

“When complete, each unit is tested on the balance machine to ensure it is absolutely accurate – any discrepancies in the shape of the drum can impact on the unit’s performance so it is vital that the unit has been manufactured correctly.

“Seeing photos of the units we have made in customer’s workshops all around the world, and hearing about the difference they have made to the quality of the air is great. As people that work in manufacturing, we understand first-hand how important it is to be able to breathe clean air. The fact that our work makes this possible for other manufacturers and engineers is very satisfying.”

Please contact Director of Sales David Westwood by calling +86 1522 1706 373 or emailing to find out how Filtermist units can ensure the air in your machine shop is free from oil mist.