Filtermist (Shanghai) appoints Sales Manager for East China

Filtermist (Shanghai) Ltd is delighted to announce that it has appointed a Sales Manager to support customers in the East of China.

Henry Ji studied Engineering at the North University of China and has worked extensively in sales roles since he graduated.

Filtermist Shanghai’s Director of Sales, David Westwood, comments, “Henry’s technical and sales skills meant he was the ideal candidate for this position.

“Filtermist oil mist filters are used in a number of industries to remove oil mist particles generated in manufacturing operations including machining, grinding and EDM/Spark Erosion.

“Henry has extensive experience of working with distributors, OEM customers and end users in many of the industries where Filtermist units are used and we are confident that his technical knowledge will be very valuable for all of our customers.”

All Filtermist oil mist filters are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. The compact and quiet units are located near to the source of the air which is contaminated with oil mist and coolant particles. The air is drawn up into the drum of the Filtermist unit where it is spun at high speed to separate oil mist particles from the air using centrifugal impaction. Filtered coolant is returned for collection or re-use, whilst clean air is returned back into the workshop through the top of the Filtermist unit.

This helps to protect workers from exposure to harmful oil mist particles by reducing internal air pollution. It can also help to ensure consistent component quality, as David explains, “Removing warm air from the machine tool enclosure helps to maintain an ambient temperature which in turn helps to minimise thermal growth.

“This is just one of many benefits which can be achieved by using effective oil mist filtration. Cleaning bills can be lowered as there is no sticky oil mist in the air, fire and slip hazards are reduced, and productivity can be improved as the working environment is pleasant to work in, meaning workers are happier.”

The Filtermist (Shanghai) team will be showcasing Filtermist oil mist filters at the Dongguan International Machine Tool Exhibition taking from 27th – 30th November. Please contact David Westwood on 8615221706373 to arrange a meeting at the show, or visit to find out more about Filtermist.