Filtermist case study | Lisi Aerospace

The diverse range of machining applications used within the aerospace industry can cause major problems when it comes to the creation of oil mist.

That’s why when Blanc Aero Industries UK, part of Lisi Aerospace, was struggling with the amount of oil mist in the air at its factory in Rugby, Warwickshire, the team turned to Filtermist for help.

The mist residue was causing slip hazards on the floor, as well as collecting on the walls, lights, piping, ducting and machines in the company’s newly-refurbished site.

The answer was a trial of an Absolent A.10 unit to compare its performance against the existing electrostatic units. This produced great results as the Absolent unit vented clean air back into the environment rather than needing constant maintenance like the electrostatic units, which used to start venting contaminated air a couple of weeks after being serviced.

After the trial, Lisi ordered a whole batch of new Absolent units, with the company currently possessing ten A.5 and four A.10 units.

Lisi production engineer Kamil Domski said: “Oil mist is a by-product of our processes, they involve a lot of oils and coolants and a natural part of that is the emission of the mist. We have been using Filtermist for a long time now to help us improve the quality of the air within our factory.

“We have worked closely with them to find the right solution to the problems faced. On our grinding machines, oil mist emission was greater, therefore Filtermist helped us to choose Absolent A.5 units.

“Recently, we did a study which indicated our thread rolling machines were producing the greatest amount of smoke and oil mist. Absolent A.10 units were suggested as a solution.

“The air quality has improved significantly on the shop floor. It is very important to us, as health and safety is our number one key performance indicator. Now with new A.10 units we will see even further improvement.

“Filtermist provides regular service on a monthly basis to help ensure our machines remain in good condition. It also helps to sustain good air quality as the filters are changed on a regular basis.”

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