Japanese team puts best feet forward for Filtermist

A team from Dynamic Tools Corporation, Filtermist’s long-standing oil mist collectors distributor in Japan, recently took part in the Kyoto Racecourse Run 2019 wearing t-shirts promoting Filtermist’s 50th anniversary.

The event, which took place for the first time on 7th April, gave people an opportunity to run around the racecourse and the areas which are usually reserved for horses before they enter the course.

“Kyoto Racecourse was built in 1924, and is the premier racecourse of Western Japan,” comments Dynamic Tools Director, Lisa Ohta. “And also, around this Racecourse is very famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms!”

The ten runners from Dynamic Tools took part in the relay race, running a total of 42.195 kilometers altogether.

“We think that by participating in the marathon wearing the Filtermist T-shirts, we were able to show people that Filtermist is a health-oriented company and we, the staff of Dynamic Tools, have a wonderful team who work together. Our team is always ready to ‘run’ to customers and happy to solve their problems,” continues Lisa.

Dynamic Tools Corporation has represented Filtermist oil mist collectors in Japan for more than 30 years and the two companies have a very close working relationship.

International Distributor Manager, Richard Smith, who supports Dynamic Tools comments, “Huge congratulations to the team for this excellent effort.

“As home to many of the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers, Japan offers significant potential for Filtermist and we are very grateful to everyone at Dynamic for their continued support.”

Find out more about Dynamic Tools Corporation by visiting http://www.dynamictools.co.jp/, or contact the sales team by calling: +81 774 980 518.