Dynamic Tools and Hertool staff visit UK for Filtermist training

Filtermist International was delighted to welcome visitors from its Japanese distributor, Dynamic Tools Corporation, and Mexican distributor Hertool to the company’s UK headquarters last week.

Mr Nakajima, Mr Hitomi, Juan Lince and Luis Lince spent the week with Filtermist’s UK team to learn more about installing and servicing Filtermist oil mist collectors. The training included time on the shop floor to see how Filtermist units are manufactured and assembled, as well as a classroom based technical training session to learn about the products, applications and industries Filtermist oil mist collectors are used in.

They also visited some UK customers to view large scale Filtermist installations and watch dedicated engineers installing and servicing units.

The visit is part of Dynamic Tools’ and Hertool’s commitment to offering customers a full turnkey service, as International Distributor Manager Richard Smith explains, “Dynamic Tools has represented Filtermist in Japan for more than 30 years and we are absolutely delighted that the company has moved on to a new phase. Hertool is a relatively new distributor, but is keen to offer a full service as it recognises the value this can bring to both customers and the wider business.

“Installing Filtermist units correctly is critical to their performance. The UK engineer our visitors accompanied has more than 20 years’ experience in ensuring each unit is fitted in the best way for each specific installation. Having the opportunity to share this knowledge and experience with our colleagues from Japan and Mexico was extremely valuable.

As with all mechanical machinery, Filtermist units perform best with regular maintenance. Filtermist recommends that its units are serviced every 2000 hours to ensure optimum performance.

“We have offered this service in the UK for many years,” continues Richard. “Customers find it extremely valuable as it means they can be confident their oil mist extraction is working, and their employees are protected from exposure to harmful airborne mist particles. Regular maintenance also extends the life of units and ensures the high separation efficiency.”

Image caption

Mr Hitomi and Mr Nakajima pictured with Juan Lince and Luis Lince from Filtermist’s Mexican distributor, Hertool, accompanied by Richard Smith and Neil Morgan from Filtermist.