New Filtermist distributors in Scandinavia

UK based oil mist collectors manufacturer Filtermist is delighted to announce that it has appointed two new distributors in Scandinavia to further strengthen its presence in the area.

Austerå Process will be the official distributor in Norway and TechPoint will be established on the Swedish market as a second point of contact alongside Partille-Tool.

Established in 1983 and located in Byrne, Austerå Process specialises in the metal cutting industry, supplying cutting fluids, oils, and filter-systems to the mechanical industry in Norway with core clients including those within Agriculture, Aerospace, Oil & Gas. Austerå Process is part of the EGE-Group, Norway’s leading provider to the Mechanical Industry.

TechPoint which was founded in 2000 is part of the group Johan Nordström Verktygsmaskiner AB, the largest distributor of Machine tools in Sweden.  TechPoint specialises in providing accessories to machine tools such as coolant, separators, tool holders and cabinets.

Christopher Andreasson, Nordic Sales Manager for Filtermist said “We are very excited about Austerå Process and TechPoint joining us as our distributors for Norway and Sweden.  Both Austerå process and TechPoint have well-known names in the Scandinavian market and we are confident that these cooperations will be a success.  Working with different types of companies will ensure our customers have as many opportunities as possible to encounter Filtermist and find out about the great benefits our oil mist collectors offer.

“Filtermist welcomes Austerå Process and TechPoint to our Filtermist distributor family.”

To find out more information about these distributors please visit:
Austerå Process