Filtermist International set to unveil two upgrades at EMO 2019

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of oil mist collectors will be introducing two upgrades at EMO 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for the metalworking sector.

Filtermist International, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, will be unveiling F Monitor 2/2+ and FX Fusion at the show in Hannover (Sept 16-21st), both new developments that will improve the effectiveness of its systems and ensure filtration requirements meet the pressures of modern-day manufacturing for more speed and higher-performance.

Co-located with sister company Absolent AB on stand A62 in Hall 7, the UK-based company will have one of its largest ever presences in Germany and will complement these ‘debuts’ with its full range of globally renowned oil mist collectors and technical expertise.

F Monitor 2 and 2+

Filtermist will be launching an improved version of its F Monitor - a monitoring system that advises machine operators when the extraction unit needs servicing and warns them of any potential blockages to avoid reducing the effectiveness of the system.

The F Monitor 2 features Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to link to a dedicated app on a smart phone or tablet, which allows the user to adjust the time, air flow, temperature and vibration levels to suit particular applications.   

Also available is the F Monitor 2+. This includes additional functionality to measure vibration and motor temperature via a sensor that attaches directly to the Filtermist motor.

Both models use a globally recognised traffic light system of coloured warning lights to alert machine operators when an oil mist collector needs servicing, or if any of the filters are blocked.

When everything is working to optimum levels the monitor displays a green light, an amber warning light comes on to indicate that the operator needs to arrange a service and the monitor lights turn red if urgent inspection is required.

The F Monitor 2 and 2+ are currently available as a standalone accessory and can also be retrofitted to the complete Filtermist range.

FX Fusion

EMO 2019 will also see Filtermist showcase the new size Fusion filter, which has been designed specifically to fit onto the company’s FX4002 and FX5002 models, creating FX Fusion.

With the same functionality as the S Fusion neat oil mist collector, FX Fusion will help customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical and high value engineering industries solve their neat oil, high-pressure extraction requirements.

Modern machining processes have seen machine tool manufacturers increase speeds and feeds to improve efficiencies, meaning the surrounding technology has also had to adapt. The introduction of high-pressure coolant, often using neat oil, can result in a high-density mist containing large volumes of submicron particulate - this either blocks or passes through many traditional oil mist filters.

Designed for the larger FX models, FX Fusion combines a hi-tech synthetic self-draining media filter with Filtermist’s proven centrifugal technology, offering a cost-effective alternative to other products in the high-pressure coolant market.

“Filtermist has exhibited at EMO for many years and it is always a highlight in our calendar,” commented Filtermist International CEO James Stansfield.

“This year will be different from previous shows for a number of reasons. In addition to our anniversary celebrations, we will also be sharing a stand with Absolent AB for the first time and introducing a number of other new brands which have recently been acquired by Absolent Group.

“The combined capability is increasing all the time and we are excited to have an opportunity to show global distributors and customers our latest product developments.”

He concluded: “Our expertise has always been focused on oil mist extraction, but recent developments mean we now offer dust extraction, welding fume and smoke extraction, ducting and much more. Absolent Group is growing all the time and we are very proud to be playing a key role in its development.”

Filtermist International and Absolent AB are both part of Absolent Group, which operates a number of other companies that are dedicated to industrial air filtration.

The EMO stand will also be used to showcase the capabilities of electrostatic filters manufacturer Bristol T&G International GmbH, as well as UK manufactured FastClip ducting and products manufactured by the recently acquired Montreal-based air pollution control specialist Diversitech Inc.