A new Filtermist Distributor for Thailand

UK based oil mist collectors manufacturer Filtermist is delighted to announce that it has appointed a new distributor in Thailand to further strengthen its presence in the area.

Factory Max Co., Ltd who became a Filtermist distributor in August was established in 1996 with the aim of providing equipment, tools and appliances for the automotive and metal industries.

The new Filtermist Distributor has already undergone Filtermist new distributor product and technical training in August with Desmond Teo, Business Development Manager for the ASEAN region.

Desmond Teo, comments, “Thailand offers huge potential for Filtermist, with increasing demand for manufacturing facilities which benefit from clean, safe air as more manufacturers recognise the importance this plays in winning contracts, employee recruitment and retention, and productivity – along with the huge risk reductions that effective oil mist extraction brings.”

Factory Max will be exhibiting Filtermist units at Metalax, the No1 machine tools and metalworking exhibition for the Asean region in Bangkok on 20th-23rd November 2019.  

To find out more about Factory Max visit the website: https://www.factorymax.co.th/