Effective oil mist extraction helps keep machine tools looking brand-new for longer

There are many reasons managers of engineering firms around the world invest in oil mist extraction. Complying with local legislation and protecting workers from exposure to airborne mist particles, reducing cleaning bills and ensuring consistent component quality are all cited by customers as being important to their business. However, one aspect which can sometimes be overlooked is the important role extraction can play in keeping brand-new machine tools looking as clean as, and performing as well as, the day they left the showroom. 

"Investing in a new machine can be a costly exercise, so it is not surprising that business owners want to keep their investment in tip top condition for as long as possible,” comments Richard Smith, an International Distributor Manager at UK oil mist collectors manufacturer Filtermist International. “We work with customers all over the world and the desire for a pristine factory is a common theme, and something which Filtermist and our sister companies Absolent AB and Bristol T&G International GmbH can easily assist with.”

Clean workshops and equipment can be key to securing contracts with large multi-national customers which demand the highest operating standards from their suppliers. The cleanliness of the working environment can also play a part in recruiting high-calibre employees: if a candidate has a choice of potential employers, the working environment can be pivotal in their decision over which role to accept.

“Fitting an oil mist filter to machine tools ensures the contaminated air is captured at source before it has a chance to enter the air in the workshop,” continues Richard. “Filtermist’s compact centrifugal filters can be directly mounted to the machine tool, located on machine or wall mounted brackets, or fixed to a floor stand next to the machine - depending on the customer’s requirements.

“Machine investments can be significant, so it makes sense to spend a bit more and include effective extraction from the outset to ensure the machine stays as clean as possible, for as long as possible. The additional investment could also help to reduce down-time associated with additional maintenance time spent cleaning oil mist residue from the machine and surrounding environment. It also helps to minimise production hours lost to worker ill-health, so it’s a win win!”

In addition to keeping the outside of the machine looking clean, effective extraction also has an important role to play in ensuring sensitive internal components are not damaged by excessive oil mist. Some machine manufacturers reiterate this fact on their machines - for example, a sticker in the local language is applied to all Fanuc Robodrills advising operators to ‘prepare a mist or dust collector for each machine to prevent machine troubles when top cover is installed’.

Filtermist oil mist collectors are available in more than 60 countries worldwide. Please visit the 'Filtermist Worldwide' link for details of your local Filtermist distributor.