Filtermist products will be on show at CIMT in China next month

We are pleased to advise that Filtermist and sister company Absolent will be exhibiting their oil mist and oil smoke filters at CIMT (the China International Machine Tool Show) next month. 

Both brands will be on show on the Absolent Group stand (407) in the UK pavilion in Hall W1. This will be the first show Filtermist and Absolent have taken part in for more than 12 months, as Andreas Johansson, Absolent Group’s APAC President, explains: “Historically both Filtermist and Absolent have quite an active schedule of trade shows which they participate in throughout China, so we have missed being able to meet with our customers and potential customers in this way.

“We have made use of technologies like Zoom to keep in touch with customers whilst we were unable to travel which has been great, but it’s not a replacement for actually speaking to people face to face to see how we can help them with their extraction requirements.”

Air quality has been high on the agenda in China for a long time now. Exposure to airborne oil mist particles can cause a range of respiratory diseases, which in turn can reduce productivity and factory output. The average worker breaths in 7,680 times* in a typical 8-hour shift so it is vital the air they are breathing is clean and safe.

“We are looking forward to an exciting show as this is the first time that we have exhibited both brands on one stand in China,” continues Andreas. “Absolent Group’s product portfolio means we are able to provide effective oil mist, oil smoke and fume extraction for projects of all sizes – from individual CNC machines requiring a single unit, to larger operations that need a centralised system capable of picking up from multiple extraction points.”

Please visit the team on Stand 407, Hall W1 at the New China International Exhibition Center from Monday, Apr 12, 2021 – Saturday, Apr 17, 2021.

*Most adults breathe in and out between 12-20 times per minute when resting. That equates to 17,280 or 28,800 breaths per day - or an average of 23,040 breaths per day. That breaks down into 960 breaths per hour. Multiplying this figure by an average 8 hour working day shows that workers operating in polluted environments are potentially breathing in 7,680 breaths of contaminated air every working day!