FX Fusion filter now fits FX6002 and FX7002 oil mist collectors

UK based oil mist collectors manufacturer Filtermist International Limited has launched a brand-new adaptor designed to ensure the high performance FX Fusion filter for neat oil applications, is compatible with the two largest units in its range – the FX6002 and FX7002. 

Originally launched at EMO 2019, the FX Fusion filter has the same functionality as the S Fusion filter which has been proven to last up to six times longer than a standard Afterfilter. The FX Fusion filter was initially designed to fit the smaller FX4002 and FX5002 models; the specially designed adaptor means that it now fits all four units in the compact FX range.

Filtermist International Limited CEO James Stansfield explains more, “Modern machining processes have seen machine tool manufacturers increase speeds and feeds to improve efficiencies, meaning the surrounding technology has also had to adapt. The introduction of high-pressure coolant, often using neat oil, can result in a high-density mist containing large volumes of submicron particulate - this either blocks or passes through many traditional oil mist filters.

“We designed the Fusion filter to provide a cost-effective and space saving alternative to other products in the high-pressure coolant market. The introduction of the new adaptor means we can now offer a longer-lasting Fusion filter for all seven models in our range – offering customers an opportunity to benefit from superior removal of large volumes of submicron oil mist particles at a lower cost than alternative products, without compromising on valuable floor-space.”

Filtermist International has been a leading player in the global oil mist extraction market since it was first formed in 1969. The company was acquired by Absolent Group in 2010 and now counts Absolent AB, Bristol T&G International GmbH and Diversitech amongst its sister companies. Filtermist oil mist collectors are sold into more than 60 countries through a network of carefully approved distributors and Absolent Group sales operations in Europe, the UK and Ireland, APAC and EMEA.

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