Save money with Filtermist

Did you know that as well as reducing the health hazards associated with exposure to mist particles, using Filtermist oil mist collectors can also save you money?

Using Filtermist units can:

  • Protect machine tool control panels from unnecessary breakdowns due to oil ingression
  • Prevent unnecessary downtime
  • Reduce costs for spare parts and maintenance charges
  • Increase the time between maintenance visits for Machine Tools therefore lowering costs
  • Reduce the cost of worker sick leave and absence cover
  • Lower wastage costs by keeping the machine spindle working well so that the manufactured part is within required tolerances
  • Reduce maintenance time on the filter unit compared with other technologies = lower labour costs
  • Reduce whole lifetime costs as our quality products won’t need replacing as quickly as an inferior alternative
  • Return coolant to the machine - reducing coolant costs
  • Lower cleaning bills
  • Help to win new business with high standards of cleanliness in production facilities
  • Retain customers – reducing the costs associated with winning new business
  • Help to recruit and retain high-calibre employees - minimising high recruitment costs

Interested in finding out how installing Filtermist oil mist collectors could help save your business money? Contact your local distributor now to find out more, or email our UK team on