Exhausting Filtermist oil mist collectors externally

Whilst the majority of Filtermist oil mist collectors recirculate clean air back into the workshop, some customers may want or need to exhaust the extracted air outside.

Reasons for this can include national or regional regulations, for example in Denmark and the Emilia Romagna region in Italy all Filtermist units are vented externally. Some customers may wish to duct into an existing central system, and some may simply prefer to exhaust the air outside. The ambient temperature in the workshop may also be a factor - heat created by machining processes can be reduced by venting warm air out of the building. This is particularly useful in warmer climates.

Whatever the reason, Filtermist oil mist collectors can be just as effective vented externally as they are when the air is recirculated. In fact, connecting Filtermist units into a main ducting run helps to minimise oil leaks and reduces the risk of fire as contaminants have already been removed from the air before it enters the ducting.

Alison Green, Brand Business Support Manager at Filtermist, elaborates, “People may not realise that Filtermist units can be connected to central ducting systems, but it’s really quite simple. A cone exhaust is fitted to the top of the unit and then a short run of flexible ducting can be secured to the cone with a jubilee clip and connected into the main ductwork.

“The main ducting may need a fan at the head of the line to draw the extracted air through to the extraction point. We would always recommend consulting with a local ducting specialist on any projects that exhaust to atmosphere to ensure the correct pressure is maintained.

“Alternatively, customers may wish to vent direct to atmosphere without connecting into a central ducting run. This is also popular in Denmark where external venting is dictated by regulatory requirements.”

Please contact your local distributor to find out more about Filtermist oil mist collectors.