UK manufactured oil mist collectors will be on show at CCMT in Shanghai

18th March 2022: Please note, we have been advised that CCMT 2022 has been postponed due to covid. We will update this story when the new date for CCMT is released.

Filtermist (Shanghai) Ltd and sister company Absolent Beijing Ltd will be exhibiting their oil mist collectors and other clean air innovations on the Absolent Air Care Group booth (W3-A351) at the CCMT show in Shanghai next month.

The two companies exhibited together for the first time at CIMT last year, but this is the first time they have shared a stand at the prestigious Shanghai show.

Hansen Xu, Country Manager China for Absolent Air Care Group, comments, “Our two teams are working very closely together to ensure Chinese manufacturers can access the best oil mist and oil smoke extraction equipment for their specific requirements.

“Covid has made many people more aware of how airborne particles can travel – and this is just as true of particles such as oil mist and dust as it is of virus particles. Inhaling airborne particles can result in a range of illnesses including occupational asthma, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is very important that workers are protected from exposure to airborne particles.

“Being able to offer both Absolent and Filtermist products means customers can access stand-alone filter units, or filters which can be fitted as part of centralised extraction systems. Our portfolio contains products at different price-points with a wide range of efficiencies - this means customers can choose effective extraction which meets both the needs of their application and their budget.”

Filtermist products on show at CCMT will include a ‘demister’ demonstration unit that shows how Filtermist’s centrifugal oil mist collectors work – visitors can press a button which activates the ‘mist maker’ and fills a Perspex enclosure with mist. The ultra-compact Filtermist S200 is then triggered to start extracting the mist into the Filtermist until the enclosure is completely clear again.  

A short film of a demister in action can be viewed by following this link.

Other Filtermist oil mist collectors on the CCMT stand will include the FX4002, FX7002 and an S800. All Filtermist units are available in mild steel or stainless steel for use in hazardous or corrosive environments.

A Bluetooth enabled F Monitor 2 monitoring device will also be on show. F Monitor 2 is designed to show machine tool operators if there are any issues with the Filtermist unit, or if a service is due. Find out more by following this link.

Please visit the Filtermist Shanghai team on booth W3-A351 from 11th – 15th April.