Speedy response significantly improves air quality for AH Garner

The air quality in hydraulic cylinder manufacturer AH Garner’s 30,000ft² facility in Nottingham has significantly improved this year following the installation of sixteen Filtermist oil mist filters.

AH Garner specialises in the supply of hydraulic cylinders to Original Equipment Manufacturers in a range of industries including construction, agriculture, materials handling, powered access and waste processing.  Over recent years the company has invested heavily in new machinery, primarily Hwacheon CNC lathes & Dah Lih machining centres, to go alongside existing equipment from manufacturers such as Doosan, Okuma and Yang. 

The company’s Operations Director contacted Filtermist in February 2022 to arrange for an assessment of the air quality in its machine shop and within a week the go ahead had been given to place an order for 16 Filtermist units.  

Filtermist’s Senior Area Sales Manager, Paul Battersby, elaborates, “I visited AH Garner to take some initial readings from 14 machine tools using a DustTrak direct reading aerosol monitor (DRAM)Tests were taken from the door where the operator stands during a machining cycle - no doors or shutters were open at the time of the test. The results showed that particulate levels from most of the machines were well above the 1mg/m³ benchmark which many companies use as a maximum workplace exposure limit (WEL) 

“There has been no official WEL for oil mist since 2015 when 5mg/m³ was withdrawn following an outbreak of oil mist exposure related respiratory disease at a premises where the levels were below this limitCOSHH now requires employers to reduce the limit to ‘as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP)’ and in many cases 1mg per m³ is used as a benchmark. 

“I reported the DustTrak results back to AH Garner and quoted for suitable LEV (local exhaust ventilation) extraction for all machine tools on site, as required by the HSE, and the company’s management raised an order for all of the recommended units immediately.” 

Following receipt of the order, Filtermist arranged for a staged installation of the S400, S800, FX4002, FX5002 and FX6002 units which involved four units being installed every month between July and October. All units were installed with afterfilters and F Monitor 2 monitoring devices, and AH Garner will also benefit from a first service which is included with every unit installed for UK end-users, along with a free 5-year warranty on every Filtermist unit.