Alcon Precision Engineering tells MTD CNC why Filtermist extraction is a must

Filtermist’s UK manufactured oil mist collectors are used by many of the world’s leading precision engineers to effectively remove oil and coolant mist, fume and steam from the air in their machine shops. Its UK customers include Northampton based Alcon Precision Engineering – which prides itself on a client list that spans the automotive, motor sport, marine and nuclear power industries, with well-known names including Aston Martin and GTO Engineering.

Alex Hodgson, Business Development Manager at Alcon, recently spoke to Lindsey Vickers from MTD CNC to tell her why Alcon ‘always specs a Filtermist extraction system on any new machine.’

“On a lot of these new machines you get 10, 15, 20 thousand RPM spindles and at those kinds of speeds as soon as the oil hits it, it atomises and fills the environment. We’ve all been in that position when we’ve opened the door and all of the fumes come out and you’re breathing it in. What this (the Filtermist unit) does is it means the machining environment is always clear of fumes and obviously that’s all fumes that you would have otherwise been breathing in.

“Benefits of this are that one: the operators and employees aren’t breathing it in, but secondly, you don’t get that horrible, greasy film everywhere. The environment, as you can see, is clean and tidy. The floors have not got any slip hazards and it just keeps everywhere clean and tidy.

“We’d recommend the Filtermist purely on simplicity. The (after)filter goes on the top, it can be changed by the operator or you can have a yearly service plan with them. The little screen section (F Monitor) tells you how filled the filter is and then you’ve got a little barrel to collect the oil. So it’s just super simple and easy to maintain.”

Hear from Alex and find out why Alcon chooses Filtermist for its mist extraction by watching this short interview.