Partnership with Filtermist in the UK ensures the optimum clean air solution for Hurco customers

Filtermist Limited and its global distributors work closely with many of the world's leading machine tool manufacturers and their distributors to ensure end-users benefit from the best oil mist extraction for their specific requirements. This includes Hurco UK, which recently included a story on why it partners with Filtermist in an e-newsletter which was sent to UK customers and associates.

The article includes the following:

Hurco has worked closely with Filtermist for more than 10 years and as a result are able to offer a fully integrated extraction package, tailored for each machine. Whilst Filtermist units are not supplied as standard on Hurco machines tools, extraction is offered with every new quotation, allowing the customer the option...

In 2022 more than 25% of the machines that we sold included Filtermist oil mist filters. Already in 2023, this number is closer to 40%. Looking towards the future, we can only anticipate that demand will increase.

Please visit the Hurco website to read the story in full.