The need for efficient extraction!

Despite the introduction of regulations designed to improve worker’s health and indoor air quality in many countries around the world, a significant number of people are still exposed to potentially life-threatening particles on a daily basis.

Some maths

Most adults breathe in and out between 12-20 times per minute when resting. That equates to 17,280 or 28,800 breaths per day - or an average of 23,040 breaths per day. That breaks down into 960 breaths per hour. Multiplying this figure by an average 8 hour working day shows that workers operating in polluted environments are potentially breathing in 7,680 breaths of contaminated air every working day!

What can employers do to minimise this risk?

There are a number of measures that employers can take to help protect their people from exposure to hazardous airborne particles:

  • Assess the risks and decide what precautions are needed
  • Prevent or adequately control exposure
  • Ensure that control measures are used and maintained
  • Monitor air quality

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