FX Series oil mist filters

The industry-proven solution for eliminating oil mist from manufacturing environments, trusted by world leading manufacturers since 1969.

Compact | Quiet | Efficient

Multiple Mounting Options

FX oil mist collectors are available with a number of mounting options including floor stands and machine mounts.

Mounting Options

Worldwide Compatibility

Filtermist oil mist collector units are used in more than 60 countries worldwide and are designed to operate efficiently on a wide range of industrial power supplies.

Stainless Steel

Filtermist FX and S series oil mist collectors are available in standard mild steel construction and also stainless steel versions for use in hazardous or corrosive environments.

Stainless steel units

Tech Data

FX Series GA Drawing
Model Airflow m3/hr Motor 1 A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm F mm G mm H mm Weight kg Noise 2 dBA
FX4002 1250 @ 50Hz
1500 @ 60Hz
1.1kW 50Hz
200v, 220v, 380v, 400v
1.1kW 60Hz
200v, 220v, 230v, 440v, 460v, 480v
357 532 35 148 309 398 682.50 375 28.8 70
FX5002 1675 @ 50Hz
2000 @ 60Hz
1.5kW 50Hz
200v, 220v, 380v, 400v
1.5kW 60Hz
200v, 220v, 230v, 440v, 460v, 480v
357 613 35 198 378 398 751.50 375 35.3 71
FX6002 2000 @ 50Hz
2400 @ 60Hz
2.2kW 50Hz
200v, 220v, 380v, 400v
2.2kW 60Hz
220v, 230v, 440v, 460v, 480v
438 642 35 198 432 485 805.50 456 41.4 73
FX7002 2750 @ 50Hz 2.2kW 50Hz
200v, 220v, 380v, 400v
not available 438 642 35 198 432 485 805.50 456 41.4 73
  • 1 Motors to be used on specified voltages only.
  • 2 Results are in test conditions ± 3% tolerance. Local variations and in use conditions may affect readings.


All oil mist collectors have a number of accessories available including afterfilters to purify the exhaust air and fishtails for close up collection on open machines.

Engineer Support

If you need help, Filtermist offers expert application knowledge and maintenance services

  • Servicing & Spares
  • All industrial oil mist collection equipment performs best with regular preventative maintenance. Benefits include increased efficiency, less production downtime and reduced costs.