Filtermist Targets Excellence

Filtermist International’s Managing Director James Stansfield officially launched the Filtermist Development Programme ‘Targeting Excellence’ at the company’s site in Telford, before repeating the exercise over at Dustcheck in Stoke on Monday.

Filtermist is undergoing a rapid rate of growth with acquisitions playing a key role in helping the company to achieve its ambitious targets. The programme is aimed at ensuring employees of all Filtermist owned companies play their part in delivering the best possible customer experience at all times.

Six core competencies underpin a wide-ranging training initiative, as James explains, “We have gone from being a UK employer with staff on one site, to an international employer with staff across three sites in the UK, as well as four offices overseas, in the space of four years.

“Ensuring we have the right people, with the right attitude and skills, in the right roles is vital to the company’s ongoing success. This programme is focussed on personal development, but also includes internal communication so everyone recognises that they are now part of a much larger organisation than they were previously used to.”

Filtermist has identified six key competencies that it believes will enable its people to ‘target excellence’:

•    Professionalism
•    Positive Approach & Teamwork
•    Quality & Customer Experience
•    Continuous Improvement
•    Time Management
•    Protecting our People & our Environment.

“The core competencies touch all aspects of our business – from the way our teams interact with customers and each other, to the quality of the products we manufacture and the aftersales support we deliver,” continues James. “Filtermist is targeting excellence throughout the business and we are confident that this programme will bring a number of benefits to both our businesses and to customers of all Filtermist owned companies.”

Filtermist International, part of the Swedish Absolent Group, acquired Filtertech and Multi-Fan Systems in 2016, followed by Dustcheck Ltd and Modus Air in 2017. It is also responsible for German electrostatic oil mist filters manufacturer Bristol T&G International GmbH.