Essential new accessory for Filtermist oil mist collectors

Filtermist is launching a brand-new monitoring device to make it as easy as possible for machine operators to ensure their Filtermist oil mist collector is performing as intended. 

Available to order from 1st January 2024, F Monitor Essential is an easy to fit, easy to use, visual indicator which measures velocity pressure to check the airflow through the unit is correct. Like other Filtermist monitors, the F Monitor Essential uses a globally recognised traffic light system to advise if the Filtermist unit needs servicing, or if there may be an airflow issue that needs attention.

The new monitor is designed to be very simple to install – it attaches to the machine tool using magnets and is powered by two standard AA batteries, meaning no electrical connection is required.

Filtermist Limited CEO, James Stansfield, comments, “The aim of this new product is to make it as easy as possible for people to check their Filtermist unit is working correctly and protecting people from exposure to harmful airborne oil mist particles. The traffic light system is easy to see, even when it’s located at height, and the fact that no electrical connection is required reduces installation costs making it accessible to a much wider range of customers.

“This new model is in addition to the F Monitor 2 which is capable of monitoring airflow, time, vibration and temperature – the F Monitor Essential offers customers an entry level option for those wanting a simple system.

“Oil mist extraction should not be a box ticking exercise – employers need to make sure the filter is doing the job it was installed to do. All of our F Monitors make it easy to see if the Filtermist unit is running as required, or if it needs servicing or maintenance.”

F Monitor Essential can be purchased as part of a kit with all new Filtermist units or can be bought on its own and retrofitted to the entire range of Filtermist units.

Please contact your local Filtermist Distributor to find out more.