UK motorsport component manufacturer very happy with Filtermist oil mist collectors

Video marketing agency MTD CNC met with Ryan Goodger, Director at Jota Advanced Engineering to discuss the installation of 10 Filtermist oil mist collectors which were ordered at a UK trade show last year. 

Jota placed the order following a recommendation from its machine tool supplier Haas – Filtermist has worked closely with Haas for more than 12 years to ensure its customers benefit from effective oil mist extraction. The Jota order included two FX7002 units for UMC 750 machining centres, two FX5002s for VF4 SS machining centres, three FX4002s for ST30 and DS30 turning centres, two S800s for a Super Mini Mill 2 and an ST25 turning centre, and one S400 for an ST10 turning centre.

The team at Jota manufactures a wide range of components for customers in the motor sport industry including wishbones, housings and rotors.

“We recently invested in Filtermist systems for all of our machines,” said Ryan. “As our business has expanded and we’ve added more machines into our workshop, keeping control of the environment for our staff is super important. With our [Haas] purchase, we had every machine instantly fitted with Filtermist.

“The Filtermist system extracts any vapour that we’ve got in the machine. I imagine you’ve been in machine shops where you’ve seen a smoky environment from through-coolant tools and high RPM cutting? The Filtermist system will get rid of all that vapour and takes that out of the machine making it a safe place for the employees to work.”

Ryan and Rowan from MTD then discussed the types of materials being machined which include aluminium as well as steel – resulting in a lot of mist particles: “The high RPMs on the aluminium generate a hell of a lot of mist,” Ryan comments. “The Filtermist system, since we’ve had them installed, are really doing a good job of taking care of the environment for us.

“Our staff – it’s our business, our team. We’ve got to look after our staff and make sure we’re doing the very best for them.

“The Filtermist team actually catered to our needs and worked at the weekend to do the install to minimise our downtime and make sure that we were still delivering our product on time.”

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