UK manufacturing partnership on show at EMO

Filtermist works with many of the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers and their distributors to ensure end-users benefit from effective oil mist extraction. As a UK manufacturer, Filtermist is especially proud of the partnerships it has with fellow UK firms.

One such customer is Matrix Machine Tool which included two S400 Filtermist oil mist collectors on its stand at EMO (D09, Hall 11) last month. Matrix includes the option of Filtermist units on all of its enclosed grinders to ensure its customers are compliant with local health and safety and air quality regulations from the outset.

The Coventry based company manufactures machine tools used to make gears, as well as a range of hob sharpening machines – its speciality is producing machines that thread internal and external gears to fine tolerances of around 5 microns.

Filtermist has worked with Matrix since 2010 and the two companies share a number of similarities; both export the majority of their UK manufactured products internationally, both have reputations for making quality products that last for a long time, and both companies have a keen focus on ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance.

Matrix’s Chief Operating Officer, Paul Farndon, comments, “We like the fact that Filtermist offers global support as it means our customers around the world can access technical information if they need it. The fact that Filtermist offers a full UK support service including installation makes it very easy for us to work with them, and Filtermist products have a reputation for their longevity – this fits very well with our own ethos and focus on ESG.

“All businesses that wish to remain successful and relevant have an obligation to consider their wider impact on the environment and the societies in which they operate. As a forward-thinking company with a history that dates back over 110 years, we have always recognised the importance of not only what we do, but how we do it, in order to ensure the Matrix brand continues to grow and thrive.

“Our focus on ESG includes both our own environmental impact, and how we can support our customers in minimising their own carbon footprints. Offering Filtermist oil mist filters on all of our grinders is an easy win for customers to ensure they are protecting the health of their employees and also reducing emissions to atmosphere as the clean air is exhausted back into the workshop. This also has the added benefit of helping to reduce heating bills in the colder months!”

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