Filtermist oil mist collectors make life 'easier and cleaner' for UK camshaft specialist

David Crabb, Production Director at Piper Cams, recently spoke to Lyndsey Vickers from MTD CNC to explain why the team chose Filtermist oil mist collectors to protect its workforce from exposure to harmful airborne oil mist particles. The UK firm specialises in prototype and small batch high performance camshaft design and manufacture, and works with a wide range of customers in the automotive industry. 

“It’s very important for us to make sure that the working environment for our staff is safe,” says David. “The Filtermist unit actually creates a negative pressure within the machine, so when the doors are opened you don’t get that blast of hot, horrible aerosols in your lungs.”

“So, it’s a safer working environment for your staff members,” comments Lyndsey, “but also my imagination is that if you don’t, if you open the doors and it’s all still in the air, it’s going to make for a not very pleasant workspace?”

“Yes, it gets quite sticky, to put it mildly!” confirmed David.

David also told Lyndsey about the regular service contract Piper Cams has with Filtermist; “We have a regular contract with Filtermist to come in and service all of the Filtermist units every six months. Filters will clog, so this is to make sure everything’s tip-top.”

He finished by saying how the turn-key service made his life “much easier, and cleaner!”

Watch the interview in full:

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