Filtermist S400 oil mist collector ACES it for Canadian customer

Canadian company Ace Rivet and Fastener Inc is enjoying a cleaner workshop following the installation of four S400 oil mist collectors from Filtermist.

The company was experiencing high volumes of oil mist and smoke from the cold heading machines used in its Ontario production facility, so contacted Filtermist’s Canadian distributor AMT Machine Tools to identify how this issue could be resolved.

AMT has partnered with Filtermist for more than 30 years and has extensive experience in advising customers on the best solution for their specific requirements. Sales Manager, Joe Repaci elaborates, “Over the years we have come across a huge range of manufacturing operations requiring effective oil mist and smoke removal. We used solid ducting on this installation to capture particulate at source before it has a chance to escape into the workshop. The S400 removes the larger mist particles, whilst an afterfilter provides a secondary filtration stage to capture smaller particulate. Direct mounting was used on some of the other machines.”

The installation has eliminated oil mist and smoke from the cold heading machine, as Machine Operator, Pherci Pangantihon, confirms, “The S400 Filtermist unit not only fixed our smoke and oil mist problems in our plant, but also with its compact design helped us do away with having pipes and venting installed. Furthermore, it has been an integral part in improving the air quality in our building.”

Established in 1988, Ace Rivet and Fastener Inc manufactures a wide range of solid, semi tubular and shoulder rivets in various alloys and finishes, and is an Alcoa certified tool centre. Its experienced workforce is key to the company’s success.

“We are always happy when products and services we supply result in cleaner working environments for people as no-one should have to breathe in contaminated air at work,” says Joe. “In Canada, there are no specific indoor air quality regulations, but legislation requires employers to take all measures ‘reasonably necessary’ to protect workers from exposure to hazardous materials.

“Installing extraction equipment which effectively captures contaminated air at source is recognised in many countries worldwide as being the best control measure to protect people from exposure to harmful airborne particles.”

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