Free Filtermist trial results in installation of seven FX4002 units

Mexican metalworking firm Cedinor SA de CV has recently solved an issue with oil mist in the workplace thanks to support from Filtermist’s Mexican distributor, Hertool. The installation of seven FX4002 oil mist collectors means their workers’ health is protected from exposure to harmful airborne oil mist particles, productivity has increased and notable cost savings have been achieved. 

Family run company Cedinor manufactures ventilation ducts and other metal products used in the automotive and HVAC industries using processes including metal spinning, beading and trimming, TIG / MIG welding, rolling and forming.

Its workshop includes seven CNC lathes which are used to spin metal drums. When management noticed that oil mist was escaping from the lathes’ enclosures into the workshop they contacted Hertool for help. Hertool’s Commercial Manager Luis Lince takes up the story; “We were approached by Cedinor’s Purchasing Manager, Gerardo Mares, and after assessing the issue we installed an FX4002 Filtermist oil mist collector with an FX Fusion filter and an F Monitor 2 monitoring device onto one of the machines in a no-obligation, free of charge, 30-day trial.”

The trial was successful, so Cedinor ordered another six FX4002 units - bringing the total installation to seven Filtermist units, all installed with FX Fusion filters and F Monitor 2s.

“Our machine operators are pleased with the fact that the workshop is much cleaner now and they can breathe more easily,” comments Gerardo. “And from a business perspective we are reclaiming the used oil for reuse, which helps to reduce our operating costs.

“We have also been able to increase productivity by reducing downtime. Before the Filtermist units were installed the machine operators would need to cover their faces when they opened the enclosure door and dissipate the oil mist using an air gun. This is no longer necessary meaning the cycle time has reduced significantly. In the current economic climate, all cost savings and operational improvements are welcomed by our management team!”

Filtermist oil mist collectors have been manufactured in the UK since 1969 and are trusted by world-leading manufacturers in more than 60 countries to effectively remove oil and coolant mist from the air in machine shops.

Visit to find out more about Filtermist oil mist collectors, or contact Hertool to discuss how Luis and the team can ensure the air in your machine shop is clean and safe to breathe.