Filtermist appoints Master Jaya as fiftieth global distributor

Malaysian air pollution control specialist Master Jaya has become the fiftieth company to join the global distribution network for UK based manufacturer Filtermist. 

Filtermist units effectively remove oil and coolant mist, fume and steam generated in a wide range of manufacturing applications such as grinding, turning, milling, parts washing and EDM / spark erosion. If left in the atmosphere, oil mist can cause a number of respiratory diseases and can also pose a fire and slip hazard.

Director of Sales, Stuart Plimmer, comments, “Our distributor network is the key factor in our export success. We are careful to only appoint distributors with a proven track record in the oil mist extraction market, or a specific industry sector.

“Master Jaya has been trading for over 30 years and has an established reputation for providing a comprehensive specialist service. We are confident that the partnership between Master Jaya and Filtermist will be mutually beneficial for both companies.”

Malaysian authorities place significant importance on both environmental responsibilities and workplace safety. The air quality in Malaysian factories is subject to Regulation 26 in the Factories and Machinery Act 1967 which states that ‘measures shall be taken to protect such persons against inhalation of the fume or dust and to prevent it accumulating in the factory.’

Based in Selangor on Malaysia’s west coast, Master Jaya provides a wide range of products and services designed to ensure the air in industrial workplaces is clean and safe to breathe.

General Manager Jocelyn Wee, elaborates, “Our mission is to be a world class turnkey solution provider for air pollution control and industrial air handling systems to ensure clean, healthy, safe and productive work environments.

“We are delighted to have added Filtermist oil mist collectors to our product range. Filtermist is well-known throughout the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) region and has a reputation for providing quality products at competitive prices. We are sure that our customers will be pleased that we are now able to offer Filtermist.” 

In addition to supplying pollution control equipment and systems, Master Jaya also offers technical and consultancy services for Malaysia’s D.O.E. (Department of Environment) and D.O.S.H. (Department of Occupational Safety & Health), as well as aftersales support including equipment servicing.

This was an important factor in Filtermist’s decision to appoint Master Jaya, as Stuart explains, “As with all types of machinery, regular maintenance is important to ensure optimum performance at all times. It also offers customers the peace of mind that control measures are working properly and their employees are protected from exposure to harmful airborne substances.”

According to the Department for International Trade, Malaysia is the UK’s second largest trading partner in ASEAN with machinery equipment being the most popular sector for trade between the two countries.

Filtermist already has a strong presence in the ASEAN region with dedicated distributors in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Filtermist Asia’s Business Development Manager, Desmond Teo, says, “We have seen particularly strong growth in sales in countries including the Philippines and Vietnam last year, and we are confident that this trend will continue with the appointment of Master Jaya.”

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Image captions:

Top right: Desmond Teo with Mr AK Woo

Bottom left: James Stansfield, Stuart Plimmer and Desmond Teo pictured with Jocelyn Wee, Jenn Woo and Mr AK Woo from Master Jaya