UK Manufacturer explains why it fits Filtermist oil mist collectors to its Mazak machine tools

A UK film crew recently visited Precision Engineering specialist Frazer-Nash Manufacturing's facility in Petersfield to interview Additive Manufacturing Development Manager, Andy Brooker, about the company's latest investment in Mazak machine tools.

Whilst there, interviewer Joe Reynolds spoke to Andy about the company's decision to fit Filtermist oil mist collectors on all of its machines....

"The one thing we wanted to make sure here was that it was nice and clean - a nice environment to work in," said Andy. "Our staff are the core reason we're still here so we've got to look after them.

"We were introduced to Filtermist by Mazak and have gradually integrated them into more and more machines.

"It takes all of the nasties out of the air ....The guys have a nice, clean working environment and everything's more productive. You've got to look after your staff to keep productivity up. At the end of the day they are the core of any business."

When asked what Frazer-Nash has to do to the Filtermist oil mist filters on a day to day basis, Andy replied...

"Absolutely nothing! They're brilliant. Filtermist comes in and fits them, services them every six months or so, and to be honest we just forget about them which I think is the biggest compliment you could ever pay to them."

He then went on to talk about the benefits of using Filtermist's dual monitoring system, F Monitor...

"It allows us to keep an eye on whether there's any blockages in the system, or when it needs servicing. It's a really nice, clear indication of how it's working and if there's any problems with it."

Joe ended the interview by asking if Frazer-Nash would continue to invest in Filtermist as the company keeps growing:

"Absolutely," confirmed Andy. "It's a standard purchase with a machine nowadays. A bit like workholding - it's a necessity."

Follow this link to watch Andy's interview on our YouTube channel, or find your local Filtermist distributor via the Filtermist Worldwide link at the top of this page.

Filtermist UK will be one of more than 35 exhibitors taking part in the GTMA Manufacturing Solutions UK event being held at Mazak in Worcester on 6th March.