Arnold Wragg Ltd explains why it chose Filtermist oil mist filters for its Sliding Head Lathes

MTD CNC recently visited Arnold Wragg’s manufacturing facility in Sheffield to interview Director, Paul Brunton, about the company's latest investment in Filtermist oil mist filters.

The AS9100 accredited company, which manufactures First Level Safety Critical Fasteners predominantly for the aerospace industry, is using Filtermist units on its Citizen sliding head lathes and Traub machines.  Due to the increase in usage of these machines, sometimes running for up to 16 hours a day, the company needed to ensure the environment was not affected by the additional oil mist being generated in the extended shift pattern.

Joe Reynolds from MTD spoke to Paul about their decision to go for Filtermist units over other companies. Paul commented “We looked at a few suppliers before making the decision to commit, but Filtermist’s share of the market gave us some confidence. They also offer the full package…so as well as tailor making the units to fit our more mature machines… retrofitting onto there, they also follow it up with a support package which goes with that…so we get the signature signed off once a year…we know we are fulfilling our social responsibility and obviously it’s better for our largest investment which is our staff, and we owe it to them to maintain a reasonable work environment.”

He then went on to talk about the benefits of using Filtermist’s dual monitoring system, F Monitor “I’ve got a little warning system on there that tells me if I need to give them a bell and we need some more support.  Obviously depending on what we are cutting, we do a range of exotics…the mist that does comes out does fluctuate and with that we’ve got a visual that we can keep an eye on to make sure everything is running as it should be.”

Joe then asked about the change in the atmosphere and the perceptions of customers when they now visit following the introduction of the Filtermist units, to which Paul commented “Environment’s a large part of the brand so you want to be proud when you’re showing clients around. Where I’ve had my suppliers, tooling reps and so on, which have been in prior to the introduction of the Filtermist system, they’ve noticed a difference and mentioned a difference. When someone pops in that hasn’t visited for a while and they notice a difference, that’s really positive.”

When Joe commented on the benefits of using the Filtermist System to Andrew Wragg’s staff, Paul said “They’re an investment…they spend a lot of time at the workplace and the environment has to be fitting for them, it’s a win, win all round.”

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