Second stainless steel Filtermist unit is ideal solution for Slovenian customer

Prima Filtertehnika, Filtermist’s distributor in Slovenia, has recently completed an installation of a stainless steel FX7002 Filtermist unit on a parts washing machine for an existing customer. The washing machine replaced an older model which also had a Filtermist unit fitted to capture contaminated steam from the wash process. 

Robert Košir from Prima takes up the story, “The new machine is a continuous parts washer used to clean components which are mainly made from aluminium. The customer was already familiar with Filtermist units and was very impressed with how well they work so asked if we could fit one to the new machine. They have been monitoring performance and so far everything is as we predicted and the customer is happy.”

Stainless steel Filtermist units are ideal for corrosive applications where rust inhibitor is not added to the detergent. Filtermist’s entire range can be supplied with cases and drums produced from Grade 304 stainless steel – also known as 18/8 due to its chromium and nickel content, 18% and 8% respectively.

Steam generated by Industrial Parts Washers can be contaminated with detergent, as well as coolant and oil particles from the machining process - this can be damaging to health if left in the atmosphere and breathed in.  Excessive steam in the workplace can also create condensation which can result in equipment made from mild steel going rusty over time.

Filtermist units are successful in removing mist and steam from applications up to 60º Celsius. If the temperature is higher than this, the mist can be cooled before it reaches the unit by using a t-piece with an airflow regulator.

More examples of Filtermist oil mist collectors used in Parts Washing installations can be found on our Parts Washing page.