S Fusion seals the deal for Spanish cheese producer

UK manufactured Filtermist oil mist collectors can be used to remove any type of oil mist from the air in working environments. They are most frequently found in metal working machine shops that use cutting fluids including neat oils and emulsions, but they are just as effective at removing plant-based oils used in food processing applications - as Lacteos Martinez, a cheese producer based in Northern Spain, discovered. 

The Martinez family has produced its range of Los Cameros cheeses since 1961 and now sells them throughout Europe. Some of the cheeses are finished with a rind which is sprayed with vegetable oil to seal it and give it an appealing, shiny appearance.

This operation was creating a fine mist in the air so the company contacted Filtermist’s Spanish distributor, Disheco, to see if it could help. It wanted a solution that would last for a long time so Disheco recommended trialling S Fusion – a compact S400 Filtermist unit and a Fusion filter. Trials have proved that Fusion filters can last up to six times longer than a standard afterfilter thanks to the volume of filter media they contain.

Felix José Garcia from Disheco takes up the story, “We often encounter interesting applications, but this was one we had not come across before. Due to the configuration of the factory, we recommended wall mounting the S Fusion which was then fitted with a Y junction to connect it to the two machines which spray the oil.

“At the time of writing the S Fusion has been working with the same Fusion filter for over 12 months and the customer is very happy with the results.”