Filtermist oil mist collectors clean up facilities and speed up production

Employees at UK based manufacturer Parking Facilities Limited have confirmed that the installation of three Filtermist oil mist collectors has significantly improved the air quality in the company’s production premises and speeded up production.

Parking Facilities Limited manufactures a range of parking control equipment including barriers, bollards and gates at its 65,000 sq ft facility. The company contracted Filtermist to supply effective oil mist extraction for three Hurco machines – a TM8i turning centre and two VM20 machining centres, all using soluble coolant.

Health and Safety Manager Ricky Parlour takes up the story, “I was already aware of Filtermist from previous experience, so when we needed to source oil mist filters for our workshop I gave Filtermist a call.

“The whole process was very smooth – from organizing the initial site visit and specifying the best oil mist extraction for our specific requirements, to the installation and aftersales service - we have all been extremely impressed with the Filtermist team. We have two regular CNC operators who are both over the moon with the installation – not only has it dramatically improved the air quality around the machines, but it also means they can open the doors immediately as the Filtermist units completely clear the enclosures of oil mist. Before the installation they had to wait 42 seconds for the mist to clear before they could open the doors - if you add that time up over the course of a day, week and month every second really does count.”

Filtermist UK's Divisional Sales Director for Oil Mist and Industrial Vacuums, Craig Woodward, comments; “We work closely with Hurco and are very familiar with their machines. The three centres used at Parking Facilities have quite different requirements from an extraction perspective, so we recommended fitting an FX4002 units to each of the machining centres and one smaller S800 unit on the turning centre.

“All three Filtermists were fully installed and commissioned by our UK installation team and included afterfilters and Bluetooth enabled F Monitor 2 monitoring devices, used as an easy visual aid constantly monitoring air flow. The light indicator on the F Monitor 2 will alert the machine operators of any blockages in the extraction system and doubles up as a service indicator for preventative maintenance.

“As well as keeping accurate records, a key requirement of COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations in the UK is that employees should report any issues with LEV (local exhaust ventilation) systems ‘forthwith’ – the traffic light display used in our F Monitors makes this really easy.”

Please contact your local Filtermist distributor to find out how fitting Filtermist units to your machine tools could help you clean up your facilities and speed up production.