Why many of the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers and their distributors trust Filtermist oil mist collectors

Earlier this year we published an article entitled ‘Developing an Industry Leader’ which looked at how the design and capability of the Filtermist units have developed over the past 50 years – resulting in their status as the oil mist collector of choice for many of the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers.

In many countries worldwide there is no legal requirement to fit a machine tool with an oil mist collector – even in countries with some of the lowest workplace exposure limits. However, many machine tool manufacturers recognise the value of including an oil mist filter in their quote. In all competitive markets adding value for customers can be a key differentiator between winning or losing business. Including an oil mist collector in the sale of machine tools adds value to the machine tool manufacturer by ensuring sensitive electronic circuitry is protected from oil mist ingression, and it benefits their customers by ensuring the air in their production facilities is clean and safe to breathe. This results in a number of other benefits including reduced production down-time, less ill-health, consistent component quality, lower heating bills, lower housekeeping bills and more.

ISO 9001 accredited Filtermist and its global distributor network work closely with many world-class machine tool manufacturers and their distributors to ensure end-users can be confident they are looking after the health of their workforce, as well as their bottom line.

These include:


Citizen Machinery UK has worked closely with Filtermist since 2018 and a significant number of its customers include a Filtermist oil mist collector as part of the specification on their sliding head lathes.

“Since 2018 Citizen Machinery UK has built up a close working partnership with the UK leading Oil Mist extraction company Filtermist to ensure a cleaner, safer, working environment for our customers as part of our goal to improve air quality in manufacturing processes, offering suitable systems specified for both sliding head and fixed head turning centre lathes.” comments Joseph Brannigan, Post Sales Manager at Citizen Machinery UK Ltd.


Filtermist has worked with DMG MORI in the UK for almost 10 years. The whole Filtermist range is compatible with DMG machines and UK customers regularly choose Filtermist for their mist extraction.


Our customers don’t ask for mist extraction, they ask for Filtermist” said Tony Dale, Technical Director at Doosan’s UK distributor Mills CNC.

Filtermist has an excellent working relationship with Mills – this includes a dedicated installation engineer who handles all Filtermist installations and spends approximately 60% of his working week on site at Mills’ showroom.


FANUC has a Filtermist unit in its distinctive ‘FANUC yellow’ on permanent display in its UK showroom and many Filtermist distributors support FANUC in their own territories. FANUC states on all of its Robodrills that customers should prepare a mist or dust collector for each machine to prevent machine troubles when top cover is installed – this is testimony to the value FANUC places on ensuring its customers are protected from harmful airborne oil mist particles.

Fives Landis Ltd

Now part of the ‘Fives Group’, Yorkshire based Fives Landis manufactures high precision grinding machines which are shipped all over the world – many of which are supplied with Filtermist oil mist filters.

GF Machining Solutions

GF Machining Solutions is the sole UK distributor for AgieCharmilles EDM machines and Mikron vertical machining centres.



Having worked with Filtermist for more than 10 years, Haas Automation Ltd now recommends Filtermist units on all of the machines it sells into the UK market.


Filtermist UK has worked with Hurco for more than 10 years to ensure its customers benefit from effective oil mist extraction. Filtermist oil mist collectors are supplied in black to match the Hurco machines.


Filtermist and Matsuura Machinery Ltd have worked together for over 20 years in the UK. Matsuura commissions units and accessories in ‘Matsuura blue’ to match the machine tools they are being used on.


Many Mazak customers choose Filtermist units to ensure effective oil mist extraction, including UK precision engineering company, Frazer-Nash Manufacturing.

Follow this link to hear from Additive Manufacturing Development Manager, Andy Brooker, about why Frazer-Nash uses Filtermist oil mist collectors: UK Manufacturer explains why it fits Filtermist oil mist collectors to its Mazak machine tools | Filtermist.


Engineering Technology Group, the UK distributor for Nakamura-Tome, has worked with Filtermist since 2009. The company includes Filtermist units on all of the machines in its main showroom as well as various ‘Technical Academies’ throughout the UK.

Star Micronics GB Ltd

Filtermist has worked with Star Micronics GB Ltd in the UK for more than 20 years. Operations Manager Alec Warner recently commented, “The majority of our customers decide they want to include oil mist extraction as part of their investment to ensure they’re compliant with UK health and safety regulations straight away. Installing the unit at our premises before the machine tool is dispatched means it’s ready to go as soon as the machine is set-up at the customer’s facility.”

Follow this link to find out more: Partnerships with CNC machine tool suppliers play starring role for UK customers | Filtermist

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Micronz, one of the UK distributors for Studer grinding machines, has worked with Filtermist for over 13 years and many of its customers choose a Filtermist oil mist collector for their mist extraction.

Please contact your local Filtermist distributor to find out why Filtermist oil mist collectors are chosen by many of the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers and their distributors.